Be Free


To all those work we do to sustain our life, to all those ambitions we aspire, to all the worries of time, to all those  strangled situations, we stuck somewhere in middle of our lives. We are abandoning the fact of a human being and sliding towards the monotonous life where we strive for success, work long hours and question ourselves for our struggle.

Ask yourself, when was the moment when you felt free? When was the moment when you felt the breeze around you, when you observed your breathe, when your mind dwells into peace, when you didn’t think of anyone, when your senses immersed you in the ambience where you were. 

Answers of all these questions lead you to your peaceful moment, attracts you towards it. It insists you to feel that moment again. We often feel this in the closeness of nature, in surmounting sound of sea waves, in redness of sky during sunset. We plan road trips, travel thousand kilometers to feel the nature. In most of our memories, we were free when we were travelling.  Do we think that we don’t need to travel far to experience it?

We can be free anytime and every time where we want. If you are being free, while dancing do it more often. If you feel relaxed by painting, do it. Anything which makes you free, do it. It’s you who are stopping yourself, not anyone. Everything is there, if observe it. Feel your presence in your hustle-bustle life and make yourself happy. To sum up this post in one line is,

We don’t need to put efforts to be free, we are already free.


Thank you for reading 🙂





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  1. Yes! To feeling free 🤗

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    1. Jaspreet says:

      Thanks elizabeth stokkebye 🙂


  2. Betty Tigols says:

    Well said 🤗

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    1. Jaspreet says:

      Thanks Betty Tigols 🙂

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    1. Jaspreet says:

      Thanks Breeta 🙂

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  3. internal freedom is a totally different arena that is way harder to reach…nice post.


    1. Jaspreet says:

      Yeah it is and Thank you


  4. EM says:

    To be is to be free A twist to Shakespeare

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