Gift happiness this diwali

Every year, Diwali comes with huge pomp and show. We decorate our houses, we celebrate, we worship and we wish each other. Celebration comes with sweets, new clothes, lightning and prosperity.

Diwali means to tarnish the darkness and spread lightness in the world. But we used to limit ourselves in our life. We don’t see the darkness in our society, in our country or in our world.

According to World Bank, India is home of 176 million poor people. There are still homes where darkness sustains. The people in those homes are still hungry for a meal in a day.

The one important ritual,we do in this festival, is to give gift each other. Lets do it.

If you’re reading this post, then you must have accomplished your basic needs. So this Diwali enlighten your home as well others who need it.

If you can offer a piece of sweet or a piece of food, you wouldn’t imagine the happiness you’re giving to them on this day.

Not only unpriviledged people, happiness can give in various forms, either you feed the stray dogs near your home this day or do as much as small charity today like giving a candy to the small girl whose parents aren’t able to afford.

If you do so, you aren’t lighten your home but the heart of others today.

I wish you and your family, a very happy and prosperous Diwali. Light diya not only in your home but in the heart of others.

With love


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  1. RICHA VERMA says:

    We could lighten up somebody’s big world with a small token from our side which wouldn’t even cost us anything….nicely written as usual… Keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

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