5 ways to Accept your Mistakes.

Who didn’t make any mistakes? Who hasn’t any flaws? Who hasn’t any bad experience? Noone, Right?

Human beings are known for their mistakes. But there may be many who didn’t acknowledge their mistakes, who didn’t give an apology or who didn’t learn from their mistakes.

Here are the five ways to accept what you have done, not for those whom you hurted but for yourself.
How do we correct ourselves, if we don’t know where were we wrong? The basic step is to acknowledge that yes, you have done wrong or unethical. There may be situations where you were weak, emotional or foolish, you don’t realise that it was morally wrong. But at one point, your life changes and you realise that yeah,this is completely wrong. It was a mistake.
You have done wrong with someone by doing this, what could be the possible action you should take? Ask yourself, if you truely acknowledge then you can go and tell everything to that person. This is the scariest thing you are about to do but trust me you would be in regret but on same moment you feel proud that you acknowledged as well.

Acknowledgement is first apology you can give to yourself because at the end, you have to answer your conscience.

Into their shoes
Imagine, your boss is being angry on you, insulted you infront of all employees. The reason is you have done a major blunder by which your company would face losses in recent project in upcoming month.
You can easily think negative about your boss that how could he talked to me like that and all. You would decide to leave your job. But before give any reaction to someone’s anger, take few minutes and try to retrospect what you did. What if you were a boss and your were treating an employee like you, how would you deal with this situation? Take yourself into opposite situation, you would be surprise to find your answer.
It is very easy to react on someone’s action but changing positions by putting yourself into their shoes is the most rational way to decide what should be your reaction.
Atlast only we have to find, what must be the right step for us.

You can draw a line between what is wrong and what is right by going into their shoes.

Don’t expect forgiveness from others

What is the first action we used to think after committing mistake?

Apologies! Yes, we ask for an apology. We ask others to forgive on the same moment. Because, you think, hey! I’m asking apology, I have realised this is the big thing anyone can do. What if person can’t forgive you, you start reacting in opposite way or you plead them like anything. You can do anything for their forgiveness.

Wait! Have you asked them before committing a mistake?

No, right. It was your deed solely,may be someone misguided you for their own benefit and you did what you felt. You’re expecting that other person will understand your situation.

Remember, its not your responsibilty whether they would forgive you or not..Every person has their own understanding of absorbing a situation. You have apologised that is the big forgiveness for you.

They didn’t live your life but you did and its not their mistake ever.

Make Peace

Life always give you so many challenges and sometimes, we do take a decision which comes out to be extremely wrong for us. Its very difficult for us to absorb what we have done.

If you did wrong for you then forgive yourself. Atlast you’re a human. Don’t forget that ever. You cannot go back and change your past but you can always change your present and future by taking right step.

It doesn’t matter what others think of you. There might be chances that the person who have hurted started moving onto the wrong path itself or thats completely not your responsibility what people react over your mistakes or if they repeat it as well.

An amazing thing is we know we did wrong and we came out from that wrong illusion.

Make peace with yourself will not only find out your mistakes but why it were your mistakes and thats the biggest victory.


Mistake will remain a mistake, if you haven’t learned from it. In this world, each and every great person have done mistakes but why are they known to be great? Because they learnt from their mistakes. They found out the main root cause of their mistakes. They have achieved something from every mistake. Doing mistake is as easy as to go on a hardest path to find the true learning and make it as a growth.Learn a lesson from your mistake is the best way to come out from your deeds and do something achievable.

Growth is not about changing yourself, its about becoming yourself.

Mistakes are something natural to all of us, it would be stepping stone for us step one ladder ahead. Don’t stretch it over your life but make a rainbow over it and Be wise.

Thank you for reading:)

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