Welcome to Thoughtsways – a journey of being alive.

My name is Jaspreet Kaur. I’m a corporate professional and full-time blogger who writes about ways to evolve our thoughts and make our lives easier.

My Story

Back in 2014, I was battling with depression. Sometimes, our life is just normal but we have expected so much. If life doesn’t go according to us, we feel depressed. The time when I managed and put myself back by just introspecting about puzzling thoughts which kept running in my mind. The time when I decided to share my practical ways by started my blog in WordPress.

Initially, I wrote for myself but when my friend and colleagues told me that it’s wonderful. You have put your soul and your ways to fight with our daily battles of confusion is amazing. Then I decided to make my blog as a website in 2017.

My motto

I would like to help each and every individual, who feel anxious, confused, depressed or just forgot to live, through my work.

If you have moved my any of work here, then I’m on the right path.


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