Accept what you feel


Accepting something which you don’t want is the road to achievement.

In a day, how many thoughts and feelings we have been through ? From day to night, we surrounds by plethora of feelings, denial, joy, winning and many more.

In all those feelings, somewhere or other, we sometimes don’t want to accept the one feeling or reality of our life. Something that if we accept it, we feel ashamed of it or feel worst that how could we have such feeling, we ought not to.

We run away from it and we make a habit of it sometimes but after sometime that reality becomes a ghost for us and the outcome is devastating, we regret, remorse.

If we need to overcome it, first we need to accept it, then work on it. The one example, which we all can relate to is something starts from a person who dreams of a company which he wants to work in it with a hefty package, he invested himself into that, his life one and only one motive is to get that job in that company. After all struggle, he made into that company, his dream comes true.

After sometime, he worked happily there initially but at one point, his work was monotonous for him, he doesn’t feel excited like he was before to get that job. He made himself contented that No, this is the job which I dreamed  of from years, how could I supposed to feel like that.

This kind of non acceptance arise in so many situations. What made us changed is that one acceptance of that one feeling which made us baffled that insist to make us think twice about our reality.

Working on that acceptance is the next step to overcome it. To think of all the options we have and elevate yourself from it that is final step which can lead to the freedom.

Accept what you feel and then work on it because sometimes our heart says what we want actually from our life not what happened to us.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. jonicaggiano says:

    You are so right Jaspreet, sometimes, the material things we think we must seek don’t make us happy once we achieve them. However, as you have said, the heart is what we must follow. All the material things in the world won’t bring us true happiness! Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Jaspreet says:

      Thank you for your kind words jonicaggiano. I hope you follow your heart for your happiness.

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