Action speaks


Actions speaks louder than words , we often hear it and feel it too . Why we give more importance to actions not on words , the answer lies within question that action proves where words can’t .

We often substantiate this quote in our relations , how he treats me , how she has shown her true colours. All these meant to us the most , we observe it in our lives . We judge the actions and words and try to connect and then decide .

Now if we evaluate ourselves on the basis of this quote then it would erase the others to us .Now , how to do it ,how to think in a certain way . Remember since childhood we have so many wishes , dreams to accomplish and now in a young age , we have acquired some goals to encompass our beautiful future. We dream it infact.

Dream are here just the words for us which we want to do but when we start working on it then it will become our action . When we start focusing on our words and then to substantiate in our actions , here we speak. We speak loudly by action .

Start observing within self to suffice your goal , action is the most important where we can measure the strength of our words.

Start doing what you dream for , show your actions so that you proved thats dreams become a wishes when we dont perform our action.

Action speaks louder than words . Focus on your words ,coordinate with your action to make it speak loudly to everyone.

Thank you for reading.

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