Are you the same?

We are aging every time except Iris, the color of our eyes doesn’t age.

Aging doesn’t mean that we are changing physically only. Through this journey of aging, we are changing emotionally as well.

Ask yourself and go back to your 5 years old. Are you the same? Are your priorities be the same? Have you discovered any health issues? Have you changed your mindset?

To answer all these questions, we have changed some of the other ways. Sometimes we surprise ourselves that earlier we think that this is worst that anyone could do and we are doing now itself with another mindset. Alternatively, we are observing that what we were thinking earlier that this is awesome now it seems worthless to us. We can easily observe the pattern of aging in our thoughts, mindsets, and priorities as well.

Sometimes, things are reversed and this is the beauty of time and life. Time goes in its own pace but we are spending our time in our way. Time keeps changing us with lots of life experiences and we tend to grow out from them.

Sometimes what you’re doing you feel good about it and if you retrospect in your past, you would feel what am I doing right now?

Like if a person wants to go to a corporate world, earn good amount of money and reputation, want to learn and grow and has a mindset that artist don’t have a stable life after some years, he finds more peace in the painting so he changed his career path from corporate person to an artist.

There are many instances it might be some principle which we have set in our families, some rule or related to our mindset or can be anything. We astonish to see the change which is upside down. This is the beauty of time which we must admire.

Like a tree, who grows and with each branch becomes a new tree and in every season it grows new leaves and shed the previous once. Time is a measure of life and with time we all keep changing. What is there, after all, to be the same one throughout life?

Life must be like a flowing river, not stagnant water.

Thank you for reading.

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