Be responsible

Since childhood we hear that you’re grown up , you need to be responsible that’s how you learn. You have to look upon your grown up side and act like a big kid back then.

We often being annoyed to taken up the responsibility which was been forced upon us. Like why we should be responsible. It can be anything from our childhood, being an elder sibling put forth on this responsibility or either single child take up this when parents leave home for work. It usually happens.

Another situation would be when we take the responsibility at our own. Like a child wants to be a dancer and he wanted to make a career in it. Then how he would make it possible that is his responsibility. He has to prove his parents that he can do it.

In both the situation, responsibility is there to taken up but one being ordered and other being willfully. The interesting part is acceptance of the responsibility would be more in willing situation. The more you adapt , the more you work for it.

Likewise, if we apply this on our failures or anything which we feel bad about it. We are the only one who is being responsible for what is happening with us , we fail because of us.

I can make this notion more clear here in my example. Sometime back , I made an aim to go to certain college which can enhance my growth, give me good career opportunities . I started preparing immediately and work hard for about six to seven months to clear that examination and further process for admission. On day of result , I got to know that I failed miserably in that examination. I started cursing my luck and destiny because I have done my part, I put my efforts and still I didn’t clear.

Then on certain day, I felt that if this would happen again and again some part in my life ahead. Would I do the same , cursing my destiny? It was simply pointless for me to think like that . Then I went back to where I have started, what did I do that I failed like this. I observed my mistakes, my way of practicing, my belief when I was putting my efforts. I affirmed that it was me who is responsible for this failure, neither my destiny nor anyone. It was solely me. Now , I am being more efficient and careful in my mistakes and feel contented of any failure which I faced.

When we take our responsibility for every failure willingly, we improve ourselves, we aware ourselves from doing that same mistake again. We feel contented what we choose to do, it’s solely our responsibility for whatsoever the outcome would be .So, be responsible what you do and what the outcome would be and feel contented.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. Himanshu says:


  2. kushal sahu says:

    The day when you realise your work and ambition is the day you become responsible. One last thing, never ever regret about your doings, yeah you may feel low of your mistakes but that will make your efficiency level reduce.

  3. Sudarsan says:

    Really nice

  4. Ashwin Debnath says:

    Winning is not luck by chance, but yes luck has some role play in that journey, where luck would be 10% and rest would be your willingness, hardwork, temperament. Approach covers maximum part of that journey and it judge you as “Winning material”.

    So, winning the battle would be possible only if you live the journey with right approach.

    Right approach defines your personality and it also defines with how much dignity you are performing or owning your responsiblity.

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