Being alone is not loneliness.

What is loneliness? Do you feel lonely when you are being alone? Is it bad or good? Or just ask yourself, do you really alone when you have noone around? Think about these questions. Ponder upon your answers.

If your answer is yes, you feel bad about being alone. Think again, Who is that person who is always with you? Who is that person who always think about you? Who is that person who knows better about you? The answer is ‘YOU’. You are the only person in your life who experience every moment in your life. And yes we have some people who around us maximum time like your spouse, your parents or any good friend. But we all have different lives anddifferent roles. Noone is same. We can’t live someonelse life or can we? It is not practically possible to live someonelse’s life. We can only admire or immitate to live like them.

This is deepest reality that You are the only one for yourself who can lift you up or down. Imagine, you sit somewhere in your home alone, you feel there is noone whom you can talk freely whatever you have in your mind, what is going on in your life. You always aspire to seek someone, usually to have a desire to get love and comfort zone. Now, you hate being alone. You’re single till now, now you hate being single. Or your previous relationship didn’t work out now you seek someone new. What if you’re also struggling with your life at this moment, you need support and care. Some people know about your desire. In worst case, what if those people take advantage of you, they act accordingly to your desire, they act like they love you and care about you. After somepoint of time, you realised they were using you and your desire to get love and to not to being alone were weapons for them.

Who will you curse now? The person who used you, misguided you or yourself. Majority people in anger started to curse others. Can we change someone? No, right so its better to retrospect what you have done. Now go back to your initial stage, how did you get this? Isn’t it start with your loneliness? You were feeling bad about being alone.

The other possibilty,What if you would admire your company, what if you lift up yourself when you were struggling with life. Things were changed. You wouldn’t lose your time, your energy, your other close people in your life.

Being alone is an illusion which gives by our own mind. If you’re alone think about yourself. What are your priorities? What one thing you can do right now to make yourself happy? You know best about yourself. Some fallacies have also come from society like It would be awkward, if I go alone to a cafe, or to any event. I would look bad. These are all fallacies and you can come out of it by experiencing it. You want to travel somewhere, noone is available. Go on solo trip.

You want to go that cafe but noone is around to accompany you. Go date yourself. You are feeling bad about something, think how can you overcome it.

Being alone gives you power to understand yourself. It doesn’t mean that you should not make your social group, you shouldn’t get close to someone. It simply means be happy with yourself and then enjoy whatever comes with you. Noone can be your great friend than you, yourself.

Lonely are those who doesn’t enjoy their own company.

Success comes with yourself first.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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  1. Letitgocoach says:

    Yes lovely. You have to be happy with yourself and your own company before you can share that with someone else. Otherwise, you’re just looking to them to fill a void. Well written.

    1. Jaspreet says:

      Thank you so much @Letitgocoach

      1. Letitgocoach says:

        My pleasure darling. <3

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