Believe in yourself

“A belief is good for oneself but its power when it’s for you only.”

To all those almighty heroes who fought their battles with belief to win the war, To all those visions which seek the courage within you to change the world, To make your life better with a belief to see the changed picture of future now, we must believe ourselves.

To talk about self-confidence first we should know how it affects. One of the factors is the environment we grew up in. In this era of Internet, where the communication gap is less and swank off is more. So, believing in other’s actions, whether its a superstar, successful business person, successful brother and count goes on. We can have a faith on them very easily but within us, we doubt. We think twice before doing anything. If someone says you are too good, we feel why he is doing so flattery? He must have some selfish reason.

Many people are confuse in their lives. The reason behind any confusion is your self doubt. Self doubt is root of low esteem. Whenever there is self doubt don’t think about you as a person, think about you as a second person and then wander how you see yourself as a person. The moment you realise that you must have that self esteem you go beyond.

If it’s not in you, then try regularly and say it daily to yourself that I will do it. When it becomes a habit then your self esteem has already grew up. Remember you are unique, you do mistakes, but how to stand up again is the self-confidence you built in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself then nobody would.

Thank you for reading:)

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  1. vishu vishu says:

    Good read!

  2. “A belief is good for oneself but its power when it’s for you only.”
    This line has been really engraved in my heart. Thanks for that????????????

    1. jaspreet says:

      True, you said it right

  3. “A belief is good for oneself but its power when it’s for you only.”
    Thanks for giving this golden statement!!!????????????

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