Can we make a change this year ?


A very happy new year to you. May this year brings you prosperity, happiness and your wishes do come true.

We wish and congratulate this new year with great expectations and optimism. We make resolutions, we adhere to so many rules that we will do this and that. Like, I want to lose weight, I want to start a new venture, I want to do something exciting or adventurous this year. Like all these aspirations we make a jump into new year.

But rationally looking into these aspirations, do these make any changes after a month or so. Do we stick to it? Or we need to make it as a habit so that resolution would be no longer a resolution, it will become a habit.

How is it possible? What should we do apart from making resolutions and aspirations? Or do we need to change our resolutions ? The answer lies within your resolutions. We make these resolutions and what if we achieved what we wished for then what will be the ultimate goal . The goal is to be happy and to be contented.

If you’re happy already but you know that something you have to achieve this year then you must start focusing on the end result and that imagination of end result will give you a motivation. It will eventually be the ultimate source to think that why we made this resolution. What must I achieve to follow this resolution?

To be happy and for the sense of  achievement, you can jump the storms of the seas which are lying in front of you. So, be happy this new year and spread happiness.

Thank you for reading 🙂




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