Choose your choice

The more you seek, the more you confused.

Who is that person, who doesn’t get confused in their life? With a wide variety of choices, we often get confused which path to choose.

We used to stuck always between our choices. You’ll get everything somewhere, True! but sometimes You don’t. You need to comprise on your choices, on your interests , on your likes. Circumstances lead to give those options where there is always mixture of best with average parameters to choose.

The battle is how to choose? What to choose? Where to choose?

This post will answer all these questions with a simple exercise.

So, what’s this exercise ?


First, let me take you to a situation. You are confused between your two options. First option is best in one of your interested areas but it is average in other areas.

Second option is equal in all the areas and is at better level but not best.

Now which to choose?

Do you want best in one or better in all?

To come out this baffling scenario, lets use our secret weapon.

So, what is the secret weapon?


Yes, its Visualization. Now start visualizing these two options.

Visualize that you took first option. Now, how do you feel? Is everything you have satisfy you? Is something still missing? Are you contented?

Now, repeat for second option as well.


After visualizing, you are crystal clear where to go and where to stop. You amazed yourself that yes, you want this.

Now, you know what to do.

So try it and choose your choice.

If you finally chose your choice, share your experience with me in comment section. I have discovered it through my experiences. Hope you can also clear your path and walk on it with clear mindset.

Disclamer: If you were just reading then read again and visualize to choose your choice.

Keep living your each day:)

Have a good day!

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