Choose your struggles


We get up with many struggles everyday. How to get over it obnoxiously, driving head into the solution is always a heady task. We strategies our path to come on a perfect answer.  We leap over many fascinating things to win over our struggles.

Jeopardizing over our struggle is one way but rightly choosing our struggle is another way. Many times, we often choose former one. Sometimes in greediness that we acquire everything we like and sometimes we do bleach our time with struggles that yeah, it is a part of our life. Like, everyone we need to pass through these struggles.

In a retrospect, if we see our in our routine, some struggles are just time-consuming or rather time diminishing. Like, one day we decided to go a far place which is very lucrative to me , I wanted to go  earlier even. Here, the struggle comes in our mind, how to go? which would be safer? How much does it costs? Will there be any good crowd? What would I do something  productive in spite of travelling ? What pictures and captions should I upload in my social media? What would be the people’s reaction over it? Does it match with my personality since it’s a very  peaceful place. Whom should I suppose to ask to go with ? Would it be comfortable with them? and so on. 

Here, the one most important struggle is how to reach and respective information about this place and if there is monetary constraint then how much it costs. Other than that, every question ,which can be a struggle for us, is worthless.  We have to choose in set of all these struggles that what should I choose to fight with?

Our mind works effectively if we want to feed with right struggle. To optimize our resources, we need to decide what is most important for us. Prioritizing our plethora of struggles is  first and best way to deal with it. Focusing on what is really important and relevant makes us more effective and peaceful. It does not only saves our energy and time but makes us feel relax to do better. Relaxed mind is always optimizes the power of our mind.

How to choose our struggles ?

#1 Priorities

#2 Journal

#3 Follow your heart

#4 Focus only those struggles

Thank you for reading 🙂

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