Clear the picture


clarity is often overrated by various myths , notions or beliefs. But here we talk about how clarity gives us a purpose in life , a soul driven goal is being achievable if we are clear about it . Vividness comes from where , there are ambiguities and Yes , we all are surround by ambiguity with our plan of future .

Here I put forth the term, picture with clarity . Picture symbolizes the present scenario in our lives . We often have so many options but to choose one option is complicated ,picture is blurry . How to arrange the opportunities with our choices? How to choose the one which will be good for us ?To rectify all these ambiguity, the simple answer to look into the future with your heart .

Now , how to do it ? The first step is to rehearse what we do in our schools remember, we jotted down everything what we have . Now connect your choices with the present opportunities like if you have opportunity to do a job but your choice is to become singer but now you don’t have any resources. so to make  the resources which will always be fruitful to you . Go for a job and side by side do focus your goal , go to competitions , perform on stages where people acknowledge you . The resources you get from the job will support you .

Do make your picture clear with the connection between choices and opportunities ? To know what you want in your life , then everything will be easier to choose. The huge part plays by our heart . Follow your heart , rest will follow you .

Thank you for reading:)

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  1. Manish says:

    Nicely written…… Great going

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