Comparing your life

Everyone is sitting at their home. Waiting for this pandemic to get over. Now, one thought just raced my mind from past few days is we have stopped seeing each other. We have halted our thoughts on one another. It basically, whole world has skipped from our mind and we are now confined to ourselves.

Confining to oneself gives us the protection of one negative aspect which we somehow cannot control somewhere. We shouldn’t do but we always do here and there. It just the matter of importance you give to one aspect.

And this is comparing ourselves to others. Whenever we go outside, there are tons of people around us especially when you’re living in India. You go to office, school and training centre anywhere, you meet people around you. By meeting them, we just not talk but we observe, we understand about one another and with understanding we start seeing whats less in our lives than to them.

Like we found so many friends who has good family background, most friendly father now if we got to find out then we start reflecting back and think about our fathers. Like on of my friend was just telling me about her father that her father loves to watch all hollywood movies and she always used to go with him to watch every upcoming movie. Listening to her, the picture of my father reflected in my mind, my father doesn’t like movies at all. I was just wishing that what if my father would the hollywood movies then I also can go with him and that would be amazing.

Deep down, I know this isn’t possible at all even I respect individuality very much that everyone’slife is different, there is not a rational comparison but unknowingly, thought of comparison stucks in our mind.

This tiny exerpt from my life can remind your life instances where unknowingly we compare. And in this quarantine days, we are protected from it. We can confine our life only in our mind.

We can clearly aside all the ups and downs of people near us. This unique thing which we always associate with our lives unintentionally can awaken the depressing mide of ourselves.

If any chance we did compare then its a time to appreciate your life , your family and yourself. If we have different appearance they why don’t we have different lives.

Stay safe and stay home.

Thank you so much reading.

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  1. mahimajalan says:

    This is so well written, loved it????

    1. Jaspreet says:

      Thank you ☺️

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