Consistency, the term which is easy to hold and hard to follow.

It is a term defined by many successful passionate people who loves to do what they do. From cricketers to scientists they are consistent with their effort. Its like daily schedule which they follow and make them consistent.

Today in our lives how much we’re consistent for our goals. Let me tell you my story first. I am the one who put on lot off weight during last summer in 2019. I realized when I went back to gym in my campus and check on weight machine. Voilla, I put on 7 kgs weight more according to height weight ratio.

It gives me one week to think that should I go to gym because I heard that if I go and braced up my body with lot of weights and then forget about this after a week or so, my body will react over it and in the end rather losing weight , I might gain more weight at the end.

The fear of being consistent was huge in my mind back then will I be consistent to the Gym schedule , will I be able to lose weight ? At the end I decided, don’t get harsh on yourself, just see what happens atleast I should start going and after a week if I’ll skip then I should think of this. First I will go and enjoy what I’m doing over there.

I decide and went to gym and I was being consistent for over two months and I was like its a great victory for me. But deep down I knew, I was enjoying what I was doing and my body now demands to go to gym regularly that is why I was being able to be consistent. Now, the question arises here , what happened after 2 months ? because I told you very beautifully about my consistency for two months.

After 2 months, my exam was there and with back to back schedule of exams, I stopped going to gym. After 2 weeks I started again. Now the energy was very much low, my schedule has been changed from 6 days gym to 4 days. Now at the end of college journey, you’ve so many parties, college festivals and many more plans to accomplish. My gym was a less priority for me so I was being inconsistent.

Reason why I told you my story of being consistent to inconsistent is that you can relate it to your story. In today’s world where we have so many junks to consume and lots more excuses to say to our self for cheat diet and not going gym.

Now if I tell you about the story of successful athlete, the ending part was completely different. And that is the FOMO yes , fear of missing out that I wish I would be that consistent then I might look different today.

You don’t know the story of all those consistent people that they might get inconsistent at one point. There might be phases in their lives as well that they were being inconsistent.

Consistent is always a trajectory from upwards to downwards or from downwards to upwards.It cannot define that for how many consistent days you practice, it simply defines your efforts and not giving up on after being inconsistent. Its like fall back from inconsistent to become consistent again. We always have a myth inside our mind that consistency means being harsh on yourself and somewhere like in my story we have fear of inconsistency at the earliest stage.

Consistency is not being harsh but find enjoyment in what you do and say to yourself that I will be inconsistent due to some circumstances, I will fall back and try again and then become consistent.

Yes, I started again doing Yoga, cardio to become myself consistent for my body regime.

I wish by reading, you’ll take back your inconsistency and try again to become consistent in your process and achieve your goal.

Thank you so much for reading.


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