crush our hearts by our crushes ????

Crush , we all have crushes in our young life . Some crushes breaks your hearts , some blow your mind , some makes you mad and some makes you even a lover . We keep finding our soulmate among thousands of people , we meet our day to day life . 

Sometimes we think that our crush is beyond our level or he/she might break our heart when we will confess to them so these feelings are all just abnormal . We think that it is kind of weird or pathetic that we are thinking or wondering about them when its not gonna happen in reality ever.This is natural feeling , when we see someone whose outlook is really good or he/she has some unique quality which they don’t have .

 Psycology says , We always find other Person attractive when we find some different characteristic in them which we want in us too . So having crush on someone is so natural . 

Now , if we talk about the other side of this emotional muddling situation then what about those People who find that Yeah , he/she is having crush on them.  The most basic reaction observe by them are to ignore those people who have a “crush” feeling for them , or to insult them giving so rude reaction that their admirable people soon hate them or their crush feeling would fade away quickly .  They wouldn’t realise what they are doing and hurting others in a pride of good look or any attractive quality .  And soon they become an extra people or a waste of time for their crushes . Those People realise at that moment when their crush do the same for them . 

Each and every person reap the fruit for their karma . So to come out from this string is to know wisely that what must you react to your admirable People .

The one thing which we must think once that the title of cute , beautiful , handsome given to the Persons whose outlook is better. These People justifies your given title that yes , this girl is beautiful and this boy is handsome . They give you that importance which you are hunting for years and they realise you and give you confidence that yes , you must be the one whom anyone can attract so easily . 

So , Dear Pretty girls or Handsome boys  , if you give respect to those People who find you attractive then you will not only have a Pretty face but will have a Pretty heart too . 

And accepting their feeling and moving ahead with them  is totally different thing f . Its upto one’s one own personal choice . But how we must react to them can be think or to be done wisely . 

Respect those who deserve your respect truely . It doesn’t cost us a penny to be Humble to others neither it degrade our own value . 

Thank you for reading ????.

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