Daadi’s love 

You loved like your only child
You cracked jokes i laughed

You compelled me i accepted

You cared me like a Bud

You taught me like Mother
You said “Babu” to me

You saved money for me

You spent many moments with me

I love you n you loved me not twice but thrice
Realisation of relations i got

I did mistakes n u taught

Your love is to me like a tight knot

Your face comes in mind instantly like stroke
Now you only become a Photoframe

through which i can talk with you

But no reply comes from it.

You set the big walls of your love where only you can live.

You words were like “ye toh meri jaan h ”

But today u left me with your memories .
P.s above lines were related to my Grandmother who passed away in this week . Through my poem i would like to tell you that love your Grandparents coz they played very crucial part in your family as well as in your life , like i have written if you love them they will love you not twice but thrice , noone knows that how many years they will live but by spending tym with them they assure you that they will live in your heart many more years than they can live .
Thank you for reading:)

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