Dedicated to all the Singles

Single or being in a relationship has added to the status of young generation since decades . We often see this as glimpse of a young one’s life and it is now common to see that people who fall for each other , are in a relationship .  But what about the people who are  single in their lives? How they react , what they feel about love ? What they think about their future partners who is not with them in their present time ?

To answer these questions , we must look in a perspective of single first and it is quite interesting to know or to peek into their lives and admire how they face their problems , whom they tell their all secrets ?

There is some common traits or a nature of relationship that everyone knows , like to love each other , talk to one another for hours , stay in live-in relationship and many more that totally depends on an individual relationship that how they live their relationship but if we talk about singles , we usually dont know the traits or a nature of their life who are single . This is because we can’t take any random observation , every individual has his own way to live his life.

People who are single has the freedom to do whatever they want to do or whom they want to spend their time with .As the pace of time is going , singles are in real losing their freedom of being free or even don’t realise that they have carefree life and a liberty . 

The reason why they are losing their freedom is just to think about that they are single , when they define their single status with their ages . Like ,  we often hear that as a teenager if you are around 17 or 18 then you must have a relationship or you would go in a relationship very easily and when you passes from school then move to college and then your job , at that period of time we as a social person think that yeah , in this age , I will definetly not be single or I should not have single status who is following me because this is my perfect age of be in a relationship and after when this age will pass , I will be married and all . 

Ok , now we are defining a age , where we fallen in love , where we know that we will meet our life partner . Similarly , if we decide the age of relationship then we must also decide the age of friendship that at what age we will suppose to be meet our first friend in school like we must decided when we were a kid . Then similarly ,  We must also decide the age when we will get marry , when we will have our first child and after children , we must also decide that in our old days ,at what age we must die .

Now if we move accordingly to our decided age , do we totally sure that life will go according to us or according to the social hype that we will be in a relationship in this phase of our age . If being single makes you sad that you must be in a relationship at this age then first ask yourself or try to decide the age of your death . The age fundas will totally be illogical for you at that moment  because noone wants to die. If we used to connect the dots of what we want and what we don’t and justification must be with both these things , not only the good things which we want in our lives. 

Another most important thing , people think that  they are not happy and if they would come in a relationship then they will be happy or they will be more happier than today . Do we actually  know that in future days when we will suppose to be in a relationship , we would not be as carefree as we are today . It doesn’t mean that being in a relationship is very stressful . No, but it simply mean that we would not have the same life as we have today . So don’t ruin your present life by thinking your future life . 

One more  feeling that we have within us in being single is the Inferiority complex that if we see any couple around us , we used to be shatter on our present lives and  keep imagining  our illogical sadness of loneliness . At that moment , what to do , yes here we are coming on actual situation of our day to day lives . Ok , if you have this feeling of inferiority complex then start thinking about your childhood , imagine yourself as a child that how you used to play the games , how you do your school homework  , what memories you had made in your past . This imagination will totally eradicate the feeling of inferiority . And if you feel low by listening very romantic song while listening music , just immediately change the song and listen some rock and pop song of Honey singh , Badshah or whichever singer you like the most just listen the loud songs . 

We can’t put effort in being love or being loved by someonelse because love is like a butterfly , when you are busy in your work then it will automatically sit on your shoulder one day and will show its  magic , so make your single life more happier than it was so that your future days would remind you these happy happy days as a memory .

Thank you for reading ????

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