Did you ever find your life in movies?

Did you see your life in movies like DDLJ ?
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Raj and Simran, Heer and Ranjha, Romeo and Juliet, and zillions of characters in movies, theater, or television inspired you, imbibed in your mind or portray your life in movies. Well, you must be wondering what I have been talking about, or you must be guessing that yeah, this post must be about characters, storylines or movies.

No, you’re wrong. This post is about you who finds the resemblance of these characters in your life. As you see your broadcast life in movies. We don’t only store millions of stories of cinema but the main characters and their life in movies with the storyline.

Why do we see our life in movies?

We have the answer within us since the beginning, but we didn’t realize it. It’s alright! That’s why I’m writing this post to you. In the movie, the essential part is the characters of that movie and, of course, the storyline. We are keenly interested in stories and how characters solve the jigsaw puzzle which story entails them to do. Here, the exciting part is when characters showcase their emotions, we feel the same.

The reason is when we connect with characters, we see ourselves in character and start connecting the moments of the story to our lives. That is why we resemble and find ourselves in characters.

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Do you know there are many real- life robberies that were inspired by heist movies ?

If I throw some light on famous characters of hit movies, you can quickly remind your resonating moments. It’s like being a Simran, from the classic film, DDLJ in Hindi cinema, and finding your Raj who does everything for you. It feels solving any injustice in your life like Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption. It’s like seeing yourself in Kiara from Dear Zindagi.

These characters are not only inspired us, but unconsciously our mind insists us to be like them. When I watched Sex and the City, I see myself in Carrie Bradshaw, who observes and writes articles about the life of New York for a newspaper column.

Sometimes, if we observe our minds, we think that this is abnormal. These are all fictional characters, but it is completely normal to resonate with our favorite characters and unlikely that’s the soul and beauty of entertainment.

Well, in reel life, the story has a limited period, and it can only behold one stage of life. But in real life, we have multiple stories to remember and to make.

In the end, take inspiration from your favorite characters and live your challenges as you’re making an incredible story to remember in the future.

Thank you for reading.

Did you ever find your life in movies?
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Did you ever find your life in movies?
We don't store only millions of stories of cinema but the main characters and their life in movies with the storylines. Entertainment have classified in different forms, but in the end, they are all stories to tell.
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