Do Cry and Be strong

Be strong and cry are totally antonyms in human behaviour. We tend to halt our emotions to showcase our strongness in the society. But do we realize , we can’t stop our emotion , our thoughts , our thinking. To be sad and crying over it , is a part of human behaviour. If we can laugh then why can’t we cry . In our lives , we go through both the happiness and sadness phases . In the society, people don’t like to be part of your sadness so they say don’t cry , be strong . What if we surpressed our emotions within us , we wouldn’t let it come out then wouldn’t it affect our mental health. We remorse on such things somtimes but what if we cry and let it come out in the same moment . We would feel light in terms of our anxiety and stress. Crying is the natural tendency of humans , its just like dreaming over a sleep .

A question arises here if we cry then how can we be strong mentally ? Being strong is the natural way of survival , it reflects and affect our personality. Our beliefs fall upon our reaction or attitude that how do we deal with challenge. Some says its a choice to deal with life but it can be a natural adaptation in our lives also .As if we think about a horrible situation, where you would feel helpless and unsecure then the thoughts come in our mind ,to run away from it or not to think about it or we can curse our luck too. But someday it happens with us , now the plethora of sad thoughts races into our mind . We tend to cry infront of others or cry alone , we hide our emotions and showcase that we are okay with it because this is the way we behave in our society. What are we getting in this hiding way or not to feel weak ? Answer is Nothing. The way to be strong always passes through where we feel our emotions, in terms of success also , failure plays a major role to make us understand what is the real worth of success . Similarly crying and being sad plays a major role to become a strong and mentally healthy person . We can’t stop our minds to stop thinking but we can control it , analyse it and then react . We even dont know ourselves that how much we are strong enough to face any situation in our life . Life doesn’t give us chances to be always happy , in the hard time , our only option is to be strong , to face it like a warrior. Warrior can survive the hurdle more happily . Face it , it will make you free from your own weak zone . Let the tears come out , if they want to come because you aren’t a robot , you are a human . Just remember that !

Thank you for reading:)

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