Everyone ‘s part in our lives .

We often meet many people in our lives . These people whom we meet or their part with us for a specific time . Every time or in every phase we encounter so many people some as friends , some as collegues , some as boss , some as teachers , there are plenty of persons we have with a number of relations . But how must we go or how must we live with them , that’s an important part . 

There are number of judgements we used to hear about these people like some say they are on the temporary basis like after we will change our paths , we hardly meet and we might have the same bond which we have right now . There are many other situations like we will never talk to a person again or we don’t want to meet them because of some mishappening , miscommunication or anything .

Do we forget those people who cross our paths ? No , we can’t . We may not remember them everyday , we may not meet them again , but the time we have with those people who are not with us now will always be in our memory .

Their part will reflect us on our memories definietly . There is an automatic play mode in our minds that these memories play at their own so What do we with these people or the new people who will cross our paths ?

One thing we must clear it and accept it that everyone has their specific time in our lives and they are for a specific time period , we neither expand it nor shrink it , we only live it . Then , why don’t we accept it in ourselves that we have limited time , a limited part of everyone and spend that time with joy , with contentment and without any expectation so that If we remember that part in our future , we would smile and feel it with our true happiness , without any grudge or a remorse feeling . It can be anyone from a friend to a teacher or a boss to a neighbour.

And their part will count in our lives and we must know we all are different and unique . If we meet a person who is different than us completely , then I can learn those different things from them , the things which I like in them .Everyone has negative and positive side then we can go into their positive side , learn a new idea , a new thinking and thats where we grow . People come and go , but our learning from them will stay with us forever and ever then make your moments joyful and a learning because at the end it all matters when you smile at your memories .

Thank you for reading 😊

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