Feel the Music


How often do you listen music? When did you feel the music last time? Do you think it has became a part of your life? Can you live without music? You would experience your answers to all these questions if you love music.

From god to humans, kings to prisoner, no one could deny the role of music in our lives. Music comes in various forms with different instruments. Music has no language, whether you don’t know the language but still you can feel and enjoy it.

Music has its own language from classical to modern, from melodious song to Rap. We show our emotion in the form of music. When we celebrate, when we broke, when we feel patriotic, when we try to boost our mood, we don’t listen but we feel music. Even, when we worship the god, we  do it with music instruments or chant it in rhythm. In Hindu mythology, Music discovered from Lord Shiva’s two headed drum i.e. Damru what it calls in Hindi.

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Sound can come from any solidified object just like a spoon bang on the table but when you do in a rhythm, it becomes music. From this, we can even analyze that music is a part of us. We can’t separate us from bird’s chirping to raindrops, Music is an accessory of nature which enhance it in all possible ways.

Tapping on our phone, to turn on music in our daily chores, helps us to elevate our mood. To bring happiness, to revive our past memories, to run our mind. Sometimes if we are in an upset mood, music is the only way to escape from the world of chaos. We put on earphones or headphones and make our own world in music.

Music does not only rejuvenate us but take us to the world of tunes and rhythm where our thoughts just stops running. There is the only world of music in our mind and then it connects with our heart.

Don’t forget to turn on music when you want to cherish the moment you have.

Thanking you for reading 🙂

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