Food is the answer

Whenever you feel sad, you eat. Whenever you feel happy, you eat. Whenever you celebrate, you eat. Whenever you’re excited, you eat. Whenever you feel broke, you eat. Why? Because food is the ultimate source to give pleasure to your taste buds and to relax your mind. Yeah, the former part you are aware of but what about later on? Do you agree with it? One of a study found that food affects our brain, you can read here in detail about how our brain affects by food, on which hormone it attacks.

Food is not associated with us but we associate with food. This is an integral part of our body system. With the evolution of humans, the food has also been evolved. Globalization makes us love Italian cuisine. Today, in India, around 60 to 70 percent market was being revolutionized by foreign cuisines. Chocolate from Belgium to Pasta from Italy, taste has also changed.  Even in the entertainment arena, we have various television channels which are solely based on Food. Now, Chef is one of the reputed profession in the world. Nothing can beat the power of food.

We usually think about food in-depth when there is a time of celebration, any cooking competition or maybe while traveling when we have tasted some different dish. But why don’t we celebrate every day with the idea of food or to tempt ourselves with different flavors? Now, you think the idea to get good food daily is worthless. if we eat our favorite french fries, cheesy pizza with a yummy chocolate shake, it will surely affect our health. So, try to go on healthy food with yummy tastes. Experiment on any new dish, check out the popular cooking show on television, YouTube, magazine or anywhere.

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What are you waiting for? Go and think about your favorite dish and explore more . Check out here this book on different recipes or more.

In the end, we live for food.

Thank you for reading:)

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