Free your mind.

Free your mind , why do we hear it more often when we used to overthink , why do we need to do this and How can we do it ? All these questions are lined up before looking into the aspect of how it enriches us .

To answer all these muddling queries , first we need to focus on one question , What is mind ? How it works? Mind is a powerful organ of our body which can control and regulate our body , action , thinking and memories. In simple words, it is the CPU of our system. It has lot of work to do , to manage. A study says that each day the average person has about 50,000 thoughts wandering in his mind . Now look into this How busy it is , how much occupied it is ? Infact some our thoughts keep replying itself . Thoughts about future, past or may be for a present situation. We keep saying and reminding ourselves by our thoughts .

Now go back again where we have started, mind is the powerful organ of our body system so if it has power then it can think beyond what we believe . Its power is enormous that today a man knows about the how our universe works , how many planets are there , how it exists . If a man has arrived to understand this , then we can’t imagine the power of mind .

But what we are doing with it , we just keep cluttering it with so many things , we retain it with thousands of our thoughts . We not only underestimate the power of it but degrading its strength also .

If we realise this , then now another step is how to do it ? The most easiest way is to not to think for a while just to see , your eyes are doing their work , let them do it . If your mind doesn’t stop at that moment then do these two exercises , one to ask yourself, what am I thinking right now ? The moment you ask , your mind would be blank , you keep finding your thoughts but it will not be there .

The second exercise is the picturisation technique, think about a circular white plate now pictures some dry powdered colours on it , try to pictures different colours and now start removing colours and add different colours now repeat this exercise thrice . Your mind will stop thinking, it comes to a point of stillness and calmness you feel relaxed . There can be many more exercises of mind , one is meditation or chanting mantras .

It will not only elevate your energy but makes you feel more comfortable about yourself . Empty mind is a happy mind.

Now , your mind is free so you are .

Thank you for reading:)

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  1. Zayn Raza says:

    Empty mind is a happy mind….. True…. 🙂 and what I feel with an empty mind u can think of some creativity….be it painting, writing or Making music….. 🙂

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