Future goal in quarantine

This is time of quarantine. Yes, Covid-19 has changed the month of March for us and upcoming April. In India 21 days lock down has been going on since 24th March. Even before that We were in so called Janta curfew. I don’t want to discuss too much on pandemic Corona virus here rather my focus is on time that we are in right now.

Quarantine, the word if you search in google, You’ll find this definition :

a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.

In one word, it means isolation. This is the first time the whole world is experiencing it , whether from Queen Elizabeth to billionaire Mukesh Ambani , everyone is at there home but there are many wages workers who don’t have home to isolate them and work on daily basis. This is the torturous time from their poverty and from the fear of virus So, if you think that this is the bad time for you and your family think twice, atleast you have roof above your head and basic amenities. If you’re reading this post, I can guess you have several basic amenities and have roof above your head.

Going back to our previous life,there were times when we don’t have time for even ourselves and we rant everyday that life is so busy, so much work, pressure, business work and many more responsibilities. Now, God has finally listened your wish and you have plenty of time for yourself. And just exactly this time has stopped us somewhere to isolate us physically as well as mentally too from outside world. So,why don’t we take it as an opportunity to rewind our path for future. Think about where we stopped last, where we have to go.

If you are searching your goal in life or if you found your goal then this is the best time to plan and map where you want to reach. Sometimes we are stuck in our own wishes where we can’t think detach fully for future. We are in our confusion to take this decision or not. Think all about your decision right now.

Initially we were going with flow, so we are accepting what comes next but this time the flow has stopped to rewind our path if we think about ourselves.But thinking about future goal or remaking your mindset is much more important and fruitful for you than ranting about this pandemic and getting bored at home.

Now, if you have just in this second decided that you can think about your future and map it right now. Take a pen and paper write it down your past what have you achieved and what next. And on achieving the next things, how to proceed. What are things you want to do in your life ahead? What shall be your future plan?

Everyone knows somewhere that this period will end and we will be back to our previous life but do you really want to waste this opportunistic time to plan ahead for your next milestone. If you are planning now or have planned then you know deep inside you’re being charged up for your next move because you have already planned what needs to be done.

Use this time for your future self and thank me later.

Thank you so much for reading.

Stay Safe , Stay home.

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