Give Up or Not to

‘Give up or not to ‘, we heard these words hundreds of time but to experience it and to say it makes a lot of difference. We might say to others or might say to ourselves even that we won’t give up when the time will come . But what happened when time comes ? What happened when we face the failure which we didn’t expect ? What happened when we face the commotion of pain inside us ?

The pain of thinking that our hard work will payoff but it havent . The journey of your hard work where you have focused on your goal only , your determination speaks at that moment that you will be successful but the outcome is not the same which you think of . The exact moment , our mind races to decide whether to give up or not .

You have broken inside and then you start cursing your fate and everything around you and at that moment giving up is very straightforward solution and easy to adopt by thinking that , its not meant for me so I must abandon it .

Here , the major role is being played by our decision. To give up or not , to take the another road or going on the same road . Now , an another question arises about this dilemma is what is correct choice ? To find the right answer we want to ask ourselves that if we get the same result which we want then we would be happy or not after few years later , we need to think once about that time after your success and your heart knows eventually what you want.

If the answer is not to give up then you dont need to jump your struggles , you need pass the storms in your life to achieve your goal . You need to accept that may be this is not your time to get success but you will defeat this bad time and achieve your beautiful dream , live your beautiful dream . Failure is the best teacher to teach you the accurate value of your success and the one line which our ancestors taught us is that ‘ “the thing which you get easily , doesn’t worth much and the thing which is very difficult to achieve is worth all your efforts and stay long with you . ” so defeat defeats you until you defeat the defeat .

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