Hobbies : A gift to us 

Hobbies , a word which we used in our childhood to define the activities we love to do .  While filling the Slam book , we often had a multiple of activities for this section to define our personality but as soon as  we grow in our life , we tend to forget that hobbies is a section of our lives as it was in our childhood. 

Every human has different characteristics , different interests , different opionion which reflect in their lives . Hobbies is a boon which frames the personality aswell as the characteristics of a person , it is boon to our heart , to our uniqueness . 

 So many people leave this part or diminish this part in their lives by just saying they don’t have time to do it which in simple words or in a bitter truth , implies that they don’t have time for their ownselves.

Pyschology says , if a person is doing what he likes to do , then his body and mind both work more efficiently than a person who doesn’t do any work in his schedule which he likes .Why we think that painting which was our hobby , now its just a waste of time ? Why do we stop collecting the things which fascinates us ? Why do we stop dancing which we were admirely say that dancing is my hobby ? 

This small things , if we look upon it , if we try to do it again with our interests than we no doubt can achieve such a better life or a life which our stress is being decreased by the weight of our interests , our hobbies . Many persons in their career often choose the profession in which they are not happy and they are in constraints that they can’t leave that job . Then Hobbies became an asset to them , if they would do in their schedule  . Then they think that we are not that sad or monotonous person who always doing the dull things , thats the time when person thinks creative if they do something creative . 

Every productive thing starts from creativity and if we follow our creative nature , we itself don’t realise that how we are more happy than before . As it could be a boon to the person who is struggling with choosing their career path as what they want to do , which career option they  must choose . In order to clarify this puzzle , they must first look upon their schedules or the things which they like to do i.e . Their hobbies . If they observe their hobbies then they can definetly find the answer because they would where their heart is going , what it loves to do an these little things from our childhood .  Observe the life of a Painter , Dancer or a cricketer , they must have liked their profession and initially for all of them , it was hobby to do and later they opted as their profession .  

If we look into our child age then this is the age where we start to grow , where we free to think and free to do any thing and thats the real reason , we created our interests , we listened to our heart , that is where our hobbies were born . 

Thank you for reading 🙂

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    Indeed it is.

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