How to handle a rejection

A boy is sad because of its rejection.

Nobody told us how to handle a rejection when we were preparing for our success. During the practice for achieving goals, we only have the intention to succeed and have a concrete plan for success.

In most of the situations, failure is the synonym of rejection. When we fail, we face rejection. It’s like going for a job interview and being rejected. There are ways to overcome failure. But before that, we need to understand rejection which comes before failure.

Rejections are a part of our lives if we accept it or not. We have rejected many times, either emotionally or practically. It’s not a matter of justice here but the matter of how we deal with it.

The real story starts after the rejection because it all depends on our next step after rejection. Let’s explore the answer.

What can be the possible steps do we have after rejection?

a. Cursing our luck

It is one of the most natural step to satisfy yourself with rejection. Our mind makes the story very vividly but unknowingly. When we start to see others who have the same thing we want, we often feel that they are the luckiest one with shining destiny. It can be the choice to throw everything on our destiny.

b. Lowering our self esteem

Rejection hits hard, but how much hard if only we can decide. Many times we feel that we are not able to do it. We don’t have those qualities; that’s why we have rejection. There is a fault of our us. This step entails the self-criticism, which leads us to nowhere.

c. Blame the system

This can be the second most natural step among all the possible options. Blaming the system or blaming others who have rejected us. Again very cleverly, our mind traces the loophole and every negative aspect of the system and starts to put a big question mark on the system as it’s a failure. As if we have rejected, the system is itself a rejection for us.

d. Not to try again

This step entails a decision not to try again because it is n’t worth it anymore. Well, it can be the wisest step sometimes and sometimes not. It all depends on the context of rejection.

e. Bounce back

This step gives us full energy to fight with rejection. This step can be the hardest of all the possible actions. It needs courage and critical thinking to find out what has done wrong in previous times. To accepting our mistakes and improvise them.

Well, among all the option, the most logical and best option is bounce back and have resilience.

But most of the time, it’s extremely difficult to take this step. We find that no, it’s not suited to our situation. Being rational, we choose any other action but not this one.

Why can I not handle rejection?

Now, let’s have a look on certain aspects we don’t think when we really have to bounce back

#1 Taking rejection personally

Well, this is the broadest common perspective of facing rejection. We take rejection very personally, like choosing the step of lowering the self-esteem mentioned above. We criticize ourselves for being rejected like this is our fault only. Reflecting on your mistakes and finding your weakest part are two different things.

It can be visible in the situation of feelings. Let’s explore the answer of this question.

How do you get over rejection from someone you love?

It’s like one person offers the proposal of love and relationship, but the other one rejects it. Now with the heartbroken feeling, the rejected person finds what’s the bad qualities he/she possessed to find the reason for their rejection.

But the reason for rejection is just that the person has own reasons to reject the proposal. He/she might doesn’t have the same feelings as it should be for the proposal.

How do you get over rejection from a job interview?

The same thing happened in a situation like we faced rejection during a job interview. You met the rejection because you didn’t fit in the profile, which has been offered. Taking it personally leads to a disastrous wound in our mind, and it has been that people take dangerous steps like suicide. They take the rejections very harshly. Sometimes, it leads to depression or long life anxiety.

But in-spite of that there are multiple solutions you can search for as how to crack the interview and what should we do before our interview starts.

#2 Didn’t have a prior plan

During the practice, we always see the path of winning, but if the result is precisely the opposite. Sometimes our expectation leads to a weighty baggage on our head that we just don’t know how to deal with the rejection. Because we don’t have the plan for rejection, We didn’t think of this result even once.

#3 Think short term

Sometimes there are instances when we think for the short term. We didn’t realize the opportunity we just missed. If we are rejected, then it’s only not worth it and wasn’t in our hands. Due to a lack of patience, we just couldn’t think about future time.

#4 Not focusing on mistakes

Well, if we are rejected, then at some point because of our tiny wrong decision. We are not able to accept our mistakes. A mistake can be anything like the decision to take a chance or just our missed efforts and it has its solutions to improve it.

And sometimes, rejection is as necessary as our success or we can say leads to successful destination.

How do you accept rejection and move on?

Accepting rejection is the first and important step but how to accept it? What should be the process?

Accepting a rejection starts with recognising that you were naive. You weren’t experienced, and you didn’t know your plan before. You didn’t think of that you would be rejected.

Life is unpredictable so if you really want to move on and ponder these questions to you for that time period.

Make sure you learn to laugh at yourself for some stupid mistakes that you have done because nobody is perfect.

Thank you for reading.

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