How to stop being bothered ?

Bothering , A feeling which comes in our mind eventually when someone behave with us in an unpleasant way or in a manipulated way or can say ,not in desired or expected way . At the moment when someone doing this we react with anger , sorrow and revenge and soon it starts bother the action or words of others .

Like if a person judges you on your outer look or on your accent , we have this

feeling inside us that we can’t stop it . And in this social media world , we can easily being bothered by even a single comment so this is become an essential part in our lives to stop being bothered .

A reliable solution is to stop bothering and be at peace . Some say just don’t bother , don’t think about it too much , just stop bothering .Ok , we can try this once or may be more than once but do we stop our feelings ever . Like a human without feelings is a statue , like souless body . We have so many feelings called love , anger , sympathy , happiness ; if we can’t stop them then how could we expect ourselves to stop being bothered.

So , the question here arises , what do we in such case where we are feeling horrible and we need to stop it too . The answer lies within us , within our mind , if we introspect ourself . To find the answer , you just need to bother , bother and bother . I might sound stupid or paradox by suggesting to bother for stop bothering . But do understand it first and then think on it . As I said do bother and bother that much like this is the only feeling left inside you so that you would reach at one point where you start questioning on yourself that is this too much important for me to bother ? And you would feel like this is the stupid thing which you have ever done and atlast you stop bother from your inner self and then you attain your success in it .

If you start bothering too much then your innerself will instantly realise this as worthless to think such irrelavant things so do bother too much that you would attain that point when you say to yourself , this is ain’t you .

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