imperfect after perfect


Practice makes a man perfect

This line we often heard when it comes to perfection. We often talk about the journey of perfection, how to master any skill. The journey comes from a novice to veteran, where practices, failures, experiences come in our unwinding journey. So,what about the other way around when you have already attained perfection in your skill?

Now, we are talking about the journey of being perfect to imperfect ? It’s not very unusual to be on this path. Sometimes, we assume that being master in something, we shouldn’t adhere to our rigorous practice schedule like we did to meet our goal.

On somehow being at the highest level, we are suppose to be that enthusiastic and passionate. On a leverage of that, we take our perfection for granted.

To substantiate the situation here, suppose a sportsperson who is very good at some sport, attained recognition at certain level. But after some period, that sportsperson wasn’t urge to practice rigorously like before and on an extreme he left his sport for a year. But when he start again, he finds that he has to start from day 0 when he started his journey.Now he became imperfect after his perfection.

In our daily lifestyle in fact, this notion agrees to our hobbies too. If someone reads a book with a pace and he eventually became a bibliophile but due to some rational reasons, he left his favorite books . Definitely the pace, on which he read books, will not be the same. It would slow down.

Perfection comes with peaks of imperfection, irrespective of you attained perfection or not. After perfection, you can be imperfect in it. To shot another goal in life, we face imperfection and move on the journey of success and perfection again.

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