Know someone before you felt

Know someone before you felt. Yes, you read it right. Today, the topic is different from being in quarantine days and focuses on feelings, relationships and crushes.

In this world of hook ups, live-in-relationships, break-ups and long distance relationship, every person who feels for someone and ofcourse after them, many others. I’m talking here about serious feelings when one possess for someone.

Feelings which actually starts from one aspect of that person and suddenly, our heart pops up for that individual. Feelings can be generated from a cue like appearance, knowledge or the way that person talks, it can be anything. Then we want madly to be in there feelings and nowadays, social media has make this even more simpler. If we like anyone, first thing we stalk them in social media. That’s funny as well as harsh reality of Internet.

Once you high on your feelings, you want to be in their life and wanted to be there special. Right now, the story of your feelings are very rosy and beautiful. You only focus on the last cue you observed which you liked it.

Then two possible things happens usually. First, mutual feelings and Second no feelings. In first case, feelings are from both the sides now. Yes, you won. Second case, the other person didn’t let you enter in their lives. And that’s really sad. One sided feelings.

Now, if coming to result of your feelings, why don’t we add one more step in between the generation of your feelings to your action. This step is very important which I’m focusing now.

The step is simple and yet very crucial for our personal lives.

Before getting high into your feelings, we take a pause and understand the other person. Now to be specific, understand other person means to know what are their beliefs and how do they react among their friends and what are their priorities. What are their imperfections?

After getting to know about them, you might don’t like that person like you did before or you might observe so many qualities which is very similar to you and more important their beliefs.

In both the scenarios, you feel settled and contented. You are clear in your actions because getting up with wrong person with just feelings which are based on their looks, knowledge or any tiny cue is much harder then understanding that person and then in natural process you find your right one and that feelings turned into love.

And if you found that the person is completely not of my type then fantastic, you saved lots of energy, time and now you can go ahead in your life. Before that person ditches you, you did before them.

Feelings are always temporary but your beliefs, your values and your personality are permanent for you always.

Thank you so much for reading.

Stay home Stay Safe in this quarantine days.

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

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