Learn to walk away

Walking away from someone ,whom you loved so much at times, is totally difficult. Sometimes next to impossible but what must be chances to walk away you need to find out first . Why you want to take this decision to walk away from someone? There are some pysocological theories which has been proved to consider that you must walk away and here some of the to the point questions and their answers which might give you a sensible way to look upon your situation.

When to walk away?

One of the theories states that if a person who was totally attached to you and everyday you talk to that person but from few months the things are not going good , that person whom you love very much starts hurting you . So the trick to know is to totally ignore that person , completely abandon in result if that person will do the same and will not come back to you even after three days ( Yes , three days is the trick to know ) then you must walk away , it simply signifies that he or she doesn’t care whether you talk to them or not.

And Now for some people it might not work like this . Main point is if that person starts hurting you again and again , there is no respect for you in your relation then what can be the reason to stay in that miserable relation . What can be the positive point to stay in a relation which only hurts you day after day ? Love doesn’t mean to hurt another person . It might be the addiction that you are with that toxic person till now .

And someone doesn’t give up because you made promises that I will never leave you in your thick and thin but make sure that those promises were made when this person was different, if that person wouldn’t change then why would be this situation to walk away ?

How to walk away?

Here comes the real problem , the real struggle. Firstly you need to accept that it will hurt for some time , you can not erase anyone so easily in your life . There might be lot of memories attached to that person and sometimes memories reflect you the past time . Now what to do when we get hurt because of our own decision. Solution is try to indulge in something new , something which you wanted to do for so late long . Do something which you didnt think of previously so that your energy will be spend on something valueable to you .

Don’t forget, Time is the best healer so eventually it takes time . Every wound will fill by taking some time . In this way there might be someone suggested you to meet some new people to get rid of the toxic people. Remember to love yourself first nurture yourself, heal yourself to find someone new .

What to think ?

Think that you are the best . You deserve much more than you think . Know your worth . Love yourself, if you don’t then how can you expect someone love you . If any thought would come across in your mind then you can alter it immediately. Always remember that you are your best friend and will always be . You don’t need a person to complete you or to love you , you complete yourself and that what makes you unique. No any person whether a life partner, friend , boss , relatives or even your parents can decrease your worth . We have precious time to live not to waste on someone who doesn’t deserve your attention or time .

Be happy and thank you for reading ????

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