Let the storm pass

Let the storm pass . Yes ! the storm of thoughts which haunt us every single day and night because something unusual happened . Some unexpected, unwanted, unimaginable situation has happened, we are in the dilemma of so many depressing thoughts which are howering upon us .

Another case when this happens is when nothing good happens , we still think the same . As we are in our usual daily routine and in the whole day there are millions of thoughts coming across our mind and most of them are negative. Most of the thoughts force us to take an action and when we take an action , we dwell in the scenario of depressive part . We think that everything is miserable, life is unfair to us .

Here the one part , which is occurring in our mind is the storm of negative thoughts and then another aspect of this is that we suppose to take action on it . But what must be action that this storm will not come again , we will come in peace.

Firstly , we need to accept this that we can’t stop these evil thoughts or neither we can force on ourselves to stop thinking this , what we can do is to let it be .

Yes , you read it right . Let it be , just observe these thoughts and let it be pass through from your mind . Dont take any immediate action because what has happened just let it be . We are the ones who can control our mind so to control it , we need to remain calm as our action .

And the next thing which helps us to remain calm and convert your mind into peaceful garden is to do some work . Any work , it can either be necessary to you or unnecessary. From deleting boring messages from your phone to going in the market to buy some groceries. Just do . Through this we can occupy our mind and let it be pass all those sad thoughts.

At the end what important is that your mind is at peace . You get to know the how to control your mind when it needs to be . You feel mature and strong. Mentally strong people are always a warrior who knows how to deal with the storm .

Thank you for reading:)

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