Letter to your past self

A letter to your past self. A letter, we should write for ourselves to make yourself proud and nostalgic.

Whatever your age is or whatever your journey is, you are your hero somewhere. And writing a letter to your self is always a positive for our mental health.

Let me take you to the reasons behind writing a letter.

There is also called a writing therapy that reveals that writing with pen and paper clear your mind, your feelings, your emotions and inclined towards personal growth.

There are numerous studies about writing therapy. Link I’m sure if you’re reading this post, you have lived a few years behind your present where you actually grow, not physically but mentally too.

There are plenty of experiences you have in your life. There are tons of memories where you were confused about the future ( your present self now), didn’t have a clear picture. Of course, you didn’t aware about this future which you are living now.

From childhood to an adult, we evolve with time. Usually, Our past self was naive in so many ways, you were not that smart like you’re now.

Most importantly, our past self has so many ambitions for our present self. Even not ambitions but wishes, prayers that we had for our present self.

Ofcourse, we have take many decisions which make us proud now of who we’re. Sometimes we didn’t even realize that how much brave we are for ourselves at that age or in that moment.

For hard experiences, let’s pat your back for how you struggled and have courage to handle it.

For good experiences, just give a hug to yourself that wow, I was genius that moment that I knew it.

I’m sure you might have seen the letters of some celebrities who have written for their past selves like I personally like the letter of Virat Kohli Link, an Indian cricketer and just today, Tapsee Panu, an Indian actress who share a post for her past self. Link

If you haven’t read it then do read what they think about their journey.

Loving yourself comes with the acceptance of your past. May be you have done multiple mistakes but thanks to those mistakes, you wouldn’t be that wise now.

There might be many feelings of missing out something that you want to go back and change, wish for time travel. Well, this feeling might stay with you for sometime but accepting what had happened and why it happened is a sign of maturity and acceptance.

You don’t know that you might be surprise to observe that you have came so far in your life which you didn’t predict in your past.

With time, we have also changed our mindset which is much important for our lives. We changed our perspectives, our behavior towards other.

Even writing this letter might be the first step for you to the path of your acceptance. It can be a clearer picture for you that where you want to go and who you are by reflecting back in your past journey.

Are you feeling good by reading the above effects of writing a letter to your past self.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s grab a pen and paper, write it today. You might not aware, what you’ve been missing today.

Share your experiences in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

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