Listen your heartbeat

It is so weird that someone suggests you to listen your own heartbeat . But that weird suggestion makes you wonder that are you really alive ? Or its just you breathe , your body functions? Or your mind or heart are think differently?

There are lots of questions which is related to our mind , body and heart . By placing your hand on your heart , you remind yourself that God has given you a gift in the form of heart which not only pumps blood to your body but gives you a purpose . In today’s scenario we often go for materilistic pleasures , we tend to forget that we can feel the pleasures of our heart by listening to it .

What is the difference between Machine and Humans ? and what is similar between Machine and Humans ? Intelligence is the similarity among us and machines but the difference is emotions , we feel , we can listen to our heart but machine can’t.

We operate ourselves like a machine , we utilise power of our mind , we programmed ourselves like a robot . We schedule long hours for work and in return we want materialistic pleasures .

We breathe but we forget to live . So to remind yourself that you are alive , you can live your life at your own terms . We must feel our heartbeat because it is much more important than millions of money . We can live without money but we can’t live without our heartbeat .

We have only one life to live and if we don’t listen to what our heart says , we make ourselves a machine who works how it programmes .

Feel your heartbeat, listen your heart and live your life .

Thank you for reading 🙂

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