Live Significantly

There is a thin line between significance and non- significance in our lives.

We live our life daily but do we live it significantly? There are tons of issues, situations happen in our day to day life. Are we clear what we need to do, what is relevant to think on? Do we think about it? Or are we just going with the flow?

Let’s dive into a deeper level and think what are we doing what is essential for us? An individual who is focused on his goal, he wanted to win the Olympics in swimming. His main goal was to be a master in the art of swimming.

But he used to affect himself very much by contemplating that he didn’t like his appearance. He reflected himself as malnutrition by looking over his body shape. Neither he liked his wheatish skin tone nor his curly fingers.

He felt disgusted sometimes but he was investing his attempt to achieve his goal. His mental condition was n’t satisfied. He let down his self-worth routinely by the thought of his appearance.

In the end, he started taking harmful steroids so that he could be made his shape perfectly. Gradually, he addicted to it because he was gaining weight, his muscles became stiff. He was not that slim or timid anymore. A time came when his health starts to get affected by harmful steroids. He was no longer to give his focus accurately while practicing for swimming. His stamina has been reduced so far. He was conscious about his goal but couldn’t achieve it. He lamented on himself and curse his life.

Did he live his life significantly? Now, the question we should ask ourselves. Are we doing the same as this? Are we enough focused that we can define what is significant and non-significant for us?

Life throws us in a very tantrum situation but are we enough conscious to know what is most important for us? Sometimes, we grieved about others’ comments, sometimes we reflect on our appearance, sometimes we have a huge attraction on someone unavailable for us, sometimes we get annoyed by irrelevant issues in our life. Many things would add up to our insignificant issues. Do we realize that is it insignificant?

In the above scenario, what would if that person realizes that it is insignificant for me, the look is less prior than my health.

Would he more focused on his goal, if he wouldn’t conceptualize his appearance as not better? Was his goal to win the Olympic medal in swimming be clear? If he was able to prioritize his attention, he might have achieved his goal. But that’s not the story.

A few years down the line, what we are stressing now, would be irrelevant in our future. Do we think like that?

So, start searching for your significant concerns by recognizing your insignificant concerns.

Live your life significantly because you have only one life to live.

Thanks for reading.
With love Jaspreet

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