Look Good , Feel Good.

The purpose to look good is to attend some ceremony or a Party . Why do we need a purpose or a reason to look good ? To look attractive or beautiful terms as an extra effort but if we flip a coin and think once that we can look good on some special days , we click pictures, we feel good or to feel special then why dont we do it everyday to feel ourselves special .

To look good doesn’t mean to put on some fancy attire and feel uncomfortable. To look good , The first step must be to look confident and be in your comfort zone. And the second step is to know what suits you . The third step is to repeat your good look everyday .

Psychology says that if you look good , you feel good and if you look good just only for yourself then you want to repeat it on daily routine to present yourself. It works especially when you have a bad day and you decide to wear something gorgeous . It not only uplift your mood but you might get admiration also . Soon , it becomes your personality , the charm of your presence.

Remember, if you meet a stranger, your first impression is your outlook. First Impression is always last impression. So Dont forget to enhance your confidence by your outlook. Stay happy and look Good.

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