Love story cinema: importance in life


Without love, every movie or TV show is incomplete. Love is crucial in everyone’s life and for every relation. There is a big industry of entertainment that portrays love stories in every plot of their storytelling.

Numbers are invariant if we talk about how much love plots are there in the entertainment world. Entertainment teaches us about love. Many times, it gives us an unrealistic approach or a story, but in regular frequency, we always look forward to meeting our Romeo or Juliet in our lives.

But the entertainment industry shows that love is powerful. No matter what, we can’t separate this from our lives. Yes! I’m not talking about the kind of love in which two people fall in love with each other.

If you notice clearly, there is always a pattern of love stories we saw in movies or TV shows. The pattern is that love has a drastic impact on the purpose of the story. It’s like the purpose of the Game of Thrones show was to get a throne and who will sit on the throne and which kingdom wins the war of throne?

In the end, the love story of characters had given lots of twists and turns in the show, which, as a viewer, it is essential for a storyline.

Most of the time, we see that initially, characters want money, power, or possession, but in the end, all they need is love, and it portrays that they can sacrifice their greed for love.

If I talk about one of the trending shows on Netflix in 2020, Money Heist. (Spoiler Alert)Initially, the story starts with the purpose of money. Still, when it continues, then most characters have evolved feeling of love with their co-partners. Even the first rule of the heist is “no relationship with one another.” Hence, the rule has broken several times, even for the love relationship of a hostage and robber. The story depicts that if they don’t have loved ones, then what do they do when they rob the Mint?

These stories tell us that wherever we are in our life, we require love and relationships to live our life. If we achieve our goal, then what left. During this journey of life, how annoying to live a life without any love and affection.

Love plays a crucial role in our decisions, whether it’s for our parents or our life partner.

So like you need to earn money for survival. Similarly, it is also essential to earn love in your life.

At the end, whom you spend your money with, if you have earned only money?

Thank you for reading.

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