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Before the day

It was just a random day when I was working in my office and suddenly my phone buzzed.  It was a message from an unknown number, I hurriedly checked. The message contained the link to confirm your seat in Live session of Sandeep Maheshwari on 8th June 2019. I booked my seat and my ticket generated.  I was feeling awestruck that just a few days back, I registered and I got a call. I didn’t tell anyone around me in my office that I have this wonderful opportunity.

The night before the day I was just feeling like Is it a reality that I am going to attend the live session of the Sandeep Maheshwari whose videos gave me the wisdom of life? whenever I used to feel low or confuse, I watch his videos  again and I get my answer. But still, I have a question related to my current situations. The question was not from my personal life but from my career life that Why we don’t receive anything when we give our hundred percent, why that hundred percent give you the negative result and you can’t control the outcome.

I prepared myself for next day but couldn’t sleep on the other side that Is it actually a reality that I’m going to see him face to face. I have to reach before 8:50 A.M for 9.A.M. session. The venue was not very far from my home. I checked all the possible way to reach there as soon as possible. I also decided to miss my swimming morning session of 6 to 7 a.m. But then I thought I should make most of my day so I will manage both the things.

On the day

On the day, I hurriedly came from my swimming session, had my breakfast and book a cab. It took around 25 minutes to reach the venue. When I get down from the cab, I still have to search for specific location written in address then suddenly a guard was passing by and he asked me, are you here for Sandeep Maheshwari session, I instantly said yes.

When I reached the venue, I astonished to see the long queue, I immediately stood at the end then a guy said this is boy’s queue. I elated that I don’t have to wait in this scorching sun.  I showed my documents and went ahead. There were few instructions written over there i.e. Switched over your phone so that it will not interrupt the sound system of the session and there will be no washroom break in between the session.

While moving into the studio, security guards were checking the mobile phone and one volunteer at the entrance handover the small envelope. When I entered it was the same studio in which the recent videos have been shot up. Self- reflection was written on the wall and violet lights were there and the past videos were running on two screens on the stage.

I sat on the fourth row after submitting my bag in the shelves which were built itself in the studio. It was 8.30. a.m., I was still in the awe that I am attending this live session. Instantly I opened that small yellow envelope, there were four smiley stickers on which ‘Asaan hai’ has written and handwritten signature with a wish was there in four folded slip.

Then I saw the youtube recognition of one million subscribers. There were around 100 people in the studio. At 8.45.a.m. the journey of Sandeep Maheshwari from the year 2012 to 2019 has started on the screens from zero subscribers in the year 2012 to one million in the present year. At 9’O clock, we stood up for National Anthem. The announcement was made of his arrival and on the next second, he came.

The moment was surreal that he is in front of us, everyone gave him standing ovation. He folded his hands to greet us. With full enthusiasm, he said,’Asan hai’. He announced that you all are lucky ones who are selected here to come because our computer randomly select few numbers so now clap for yourself with full energy. He said,” This is the first and last time that we are meeting so let’s make the most of this session.” He was in the same energy full of jokes and wisdom like we used to see him in his videos.

The announcement was made by him that ‘ask those questions which I haven’t discussed so far in my session and if your question would be the same then you’ll be insulted very badly and now raise your hand’ said teasingly. Still me and few more people raised our hands. The turn comes like females can raise their hands and then males. I raised my hand in my turn but unluckily I didn’t get the chance.

A few questions were asked then finally one girl who asked the question that how to win the battle of heart and mind if your heart is being overflowed with emotions? He agreed and named the topic as How to stop being an emotional fool?

Discussion started with a definition of emotions to how to make your desire consciously.  He moved like slowly and moved into a deeper level of our desires.  He ended the session by summarising what we analyzed and said goodbye. He vanished from the stage very quickly by saying with a smile,”Mein nhi  rukta”.  We sat there for five minutes without any motion. And then a volunteer announced that you can be switched On your cell phones and take your belongings.

Everyone started taking pictures of the studio, some were enquired about the details of his session and volunteering. Each and every person was so happy and contented to attend the session. Some faces brightened up with the energy and wisdom they are taking from there.

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