Online life

Apparently, the epidemic turned pandemic glued our eyes in cell phones. If you activated the feature of activity analysis i.e., how much time you use social media apps, knowledge apps, play games, this feature tells you the stats every day. If you observe your activity someday, you find that social media apps are always on top of consuming most of our time.

Social media has already taken our offline time by displaying green dot of an active user all day. I am not giving you data here that which social media is most popular but imbibe a seed of thought for a behavior of social media as the title states.

I would like to through light on our online life. Do you see a difference between your online life and offline life? With lots of beautiful filters, giphy, stickers or editing apps, we can create, no we are creating the difference between online and offline life. Rationally, matter is here not to destroy our online life, but to give importance to our offline life.

It usually happens that we take pictures of our moments but the question is are we in the moment or we just thinks only about taking pictures and posting in social media.

The harsh reality is virtual things can be so beautiful, but does it resemble our real life? These certain aspects of social media behavior dominating our behavior. We are more concerned about our followers, likes, comments or view which wide overlap from online life to offline life.

Currently a big concern for government during this period is the mistrusted information about Covid-19. Google have taken various steps to halt the flow of unreliable information. Like now if you see when we open any social media app, there is tab of corona virus information which redirects us to the trusted sources.

The question is how many people actually click on the red color tab of these trusted sources? Or we seek comfort by updating our information of not so trusted sources through our home feed.

Its just because of the so limited focus we have so that we only can read few lines with good graphics rather than reading the long guidelines from trusted source.

Even at my home, when my mother used to scroll her Facebook home page, she often tells me the viral videos and information which is most of the time fake. Well, I do aware her about the fake information but how about those people who don’t know the difference between fake information or reliable information and apparently no one is there beside them to tell the difference.

Our online life can be a prey to virtual life and most of us has already came into this danger. So wake up because its never too late to open our eyes, if we realize the difference of what is real and virtual.

Thank you for reading.

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