Privacy in words not in reality 

A word Privacy differs among one or two persons very fastly . Some says it is the matter of showing our personal Relationships , some says it is the gap between our professional and personal life while others think that how we used to stay or live in our homes like the way we dress , the way we sit , the way we talk with our family members etc .But in today’s life do we actually stick with this word Privacy or it has all diminished with socialising sites like facebook , Twitter etc .

Are we actually showing our privacy via Facebook posts ? This question can have different reasons but will have almost same answer that Yes we are actually not hiding our privacy from others . If we talk about this Privacy in terms of viewer that what would they react when they will get some personal information about others ? Four out of five persons will be very curious to know and no matter if they talk to that person or seen somewhere but still they would be curious.

Like every other social site has a option of liking or commenting on posts but did we actully click on the like option ? No the answer is No we actually did enter in their lives because by their posts (if its about Personal moments they have shown their life) . We tend to socialise with people but socialisation doesn’ t mean that we are removing the Gap from our Private life to Public .

( p.s . Through this Post , I want to convey a message that By using socialsites we need to ensure what we are posting is actully necessary to be a Public post or you are diminishing your Privacy by showing this to number of people or Friends in your Friend list .)
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