Puzzling with the change .

From budding to reaping , clear vision to blurr , school days to office hours , we grow. Growth is not a matter of result or achievments , its the Process . And behind this Process , change occurs.

If we implement this change word on our lives then would it strike our mind once or not so lets check about asking these questions to yourself.

How about reminding the good old days of your life right now ? How about just to stop wherever you are right now ? How about to see yourself once through your mind and  to compare yourself from past  ten years to now ?

Just give your two seconds to these questions. Now analyse and sense your reactions , your answers on these questions. Did you say yes that , i have changed a lot ? Did you miss your past ? Truely , the more you dwell into your past , the more you wanted to be like that person which you were .  In this process , a big change occured . Sometimes we accept and we want this change in our lives and sometimes we being wretched that a change is coming in our lives and we don’t want it . Just stop the time and I want to stay as i am , this is not we say , this is our heart which keeps telling to our minds.

We being busy in our day to day schedule very much that we often don’t consider change in our lives , in us . And consequently we become habitual to our present lifestyle when something not expected happen , we think its fate or just a bad or good time . We miss one thing that life is not about scheduling your days , its about feel the change within you .

Being rational some people in their thirtys  say, situations have changed so do we , time  us and our responsiblities so we can’t have like when we were young.But what about ourselves who always wanted to be happy and if we think about future we always see our future optimistically .

Remember , we need change in our time when there is a need to improve it and make it so much better . In this process of change , we need to multiply our happiness , not to regret or miss our past times that we were so happy in our past and we are not .

If time has changed your lifestyle then find that big reason , don’t miss that oppturnity to be happy again . If we miss our time then obviously what we would tell to our grand children about us .

Change is necessary but with growth of our happiness too .

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