Take a chance.

Risk, chance, opportunity is merely words, unless you experience them in your life. But once you experience them you know  courage, efforts and patience required  for it.

If you calculate your opportunities in your life till  now, you would be amazed that there were thousands where you actually took a chance and prove yourself irrespective of the circumstances. Now, wonder what you were thinking when you decided, No! It has a great risk associated with it.

Coming onto the way of optimism, now think what would happen, you see someone next to you,took that risk and proved you wrong. Those who actually see the end picture of the risk then no one  could stop you. If you think that taking a chance starts with an action, then you aren’t aware of the mind game which played a major role in your reaction towards that  opportunity.

Successful people are not who takes  risk and achieved success in the first attempt, these are those individuals who are risk takers and if they get failed then they learn from their mistakes and give another shot.  Learning from your mistakes is the first thing which diminishes your future regret.


If you know what you want to achieve  and  this is the way then you would be fearless and have a positive vibe throughout the journey. So, take a chance, apply for that job interview, go for that solo trip, start  your new venture, take the toughest responsibility which will take you to the another level,  ask that  person you liked. And if you fail, then its fine at least you’ re now a courageous person, you know the struggle, you know your mistakes and there is no harm to try again with same energy.


You never knew that success is awaiting  you in that opportunity. Believe in yourself. At the end you would be the most happiest person in the world to take that risk and get through it.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. sandymancan says:

    So true If you don’t reach out for it you can’t pull it in if spend your life afraid that will be your greatest sin.

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