Ten type of friends we all have.

Friendship is foundation of all our bonds, relations and about us. Its blood in our bonds and without friendship we’re just a human body with no soul. Here in this post, I’m taking you a journey on all types of friends in our circle and why it is so necessary . At the end what should we ponder upon in our lives as a friend and make friendships.

According to a study of research, it reveals both male and female that till the age of 25, make their friends’s circle grow and then it starts decreasing because of various adaptations in human behavior. There is also called of science of friendship which tells about how we make friends, on what basis we choose our friends.

On the basis of our life experiences, our rational minds, our social network and communication skill, we make many friends from childhood to adult journey. At every stage, we need people whom we can talk, share our ideas, to whom we can tease, laugh and eat. Lets’s look at ten types of friends we make in our journey of life.

#1 Permanent Friends

Permanent friends are those friends we make when we born. Yes, they are your parents and your siblings. We always say family is family but we don’t realize that in their love there is friendships, we are making life long friends. They are our first and last friends in our life. We can’t sustain without them .

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Whether it is the bond of father daughter, mother son or brother sister, friendship lies everywhere. These friends we just can’t choose but we have in our lives.

#2 Best Friends

Best friends, a metaphor of family, those people we choose for ourselves. There is a saying that best friends are the people who see and feel everything in our lives, they present with us in our moment. They know all our secrets, our fantasy and our dreams.

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In most of the cases we make best friends during our school days in our childhood and they take the special space in our hearts. They are like our next siblings.

#3 Good Friends

They are the ones who knows about us. These people we always admire to be around with. The company which choose to hang out, to study, to learn. We chooses them, we seek common things and play our part of friend. They might be not present in the moment of our experiences but they are present in our good experiences.

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Life is boring and short without them.

#4 Hello Friends

The friends we occupy us, who always comes in our footsteps. Whether its school, college or working place. With the matter of time, we can’t ignore the people around us, so they made us feel human everytime.

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Thats what our social network contains and they play an important part of our social environment and basis of our social skills.

#5 Informative Friends

Friends who always gives advice and experts in their area. Those who are available with every knid of information in their domain. We always make these friends in our school and college. Those who are in the list of toppers. During any submission, they are the ones who rescue us.

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They are the ones who play the role of our tutors, teachers and our consultants.

#6 Neighborhood Friends

Friends who usually see us in our pyjamas. They know all our nicknames and our most favourite family member. They are the ones who don’t know only us but our family too. They know the time lag of our lives. They are the ones who rescue us from food to stationary.

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Yes, they are the ones who can shake hands from our balconies too.

#7 Working Friend

Working Friends, they became our friends in our professional lives. The ones who helps us to know our office culture better. The ones who rescue us from our boss too. They help us to be smart and professional. From counting salaries to enjoying the perks of office, they complete our work life.

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They know us our expenditure history to upcoming lists of purchases.

#8 Childhood friend

They are the ones who we meet in our lives, when we want to become scientists, astronauts, chef and what not. When our dream profession keeps changing. They know us as a child and they know us how to become an official friend when we start to learn the alphabets and sings rymes.

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They make us play kitchen-kitchen, making tents in our home and ringa-ringa roses.

#9 Basic Friend

Well, this category of friends, I name it myself. They are the ones who do help us to acquire our basic amenities like an chemist who gives us good discount with our history of purchases from number of years. Like a grocery owner, who know us since the time of our grandfather, who trust us and advice us to enhance our grocery list.

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They can be anyone from our favourite street vendor, service man, our favourite apparel shopkeeper.

#10 Lost Friend

As a name suggest, they are the ones who busy in their lives and don’t communicate much. They lost in their present lives like us who entered into the new phase of their lives. May be it can be us who lost the connection but they are our friends no matter what.

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They are the ones who present in our backup storage and in our previous phases.

Why are they important in our lives?

Friends are necessary in our lives from all those ten types of friends, we all encounter most of them or all of them. Sometimes a person can also play a multiple role. There is a movie of Bollywood, named ‘Dear Zindagi’ where actor Shahrukh khan emphasis the importance of all kinds of friends in our lives.

He says, ‘As why we have only person in our lives whom we want everything and Why we can have all multiple friends whom we can admire and experience different moments in our lives’

What we can learn to be a friend of every friend in our lives?

Here, I don’t want to tell you the importance of our friends but we do generally and what we need to think upon.

  • Why do we restict ourselves to make more friends in our lives, why do we stopped to communicate to other people like in above lines I mentioned about the age factor. Why do we stop making a friend circle smaller according to our age.
  • Why can’t we go back to meet all the lost friends in our life? Why is so difficult to say ‘Hii’ after years?
  • Why we always believe that our school friends can only be our best friends and now noone can be our best friend. We can make best friends at every stage of our life. There must not be the rule of friendships.

We can experience all moments but without friendships there are no moments to experience.

Thank you so much for reading.

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  1. Loved this post. And loved “Dear Zindagi” I think it’s so important to have friends but also important to accept that life changes and not all friends stick around- and that’s ok! I believe if you are able to outgrow a friendship whilst still retaining the love and exit with maturity and without hostility then you’re winning ????

    1. Jaspreet says:

      True, with age our life changes so our friends circle

  2. Ujjawal Kawale says:

    Yess i agree with you. it is very difficult to greet a friend after a long time????

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