Underlines the Specificity in life

Thread on trees as to fulfill our wishes

Do you know, we always surrounds with numbers ? From social media followers to the date of the day or the time which clock shoes us, there are numbers everywhere.

An article which let you travel this life of numbers and realizes we are always in numbers. Link So, if numbers are so much important then why don’t we implement in our wishes and unleash a secret with the help of specificity in our lives.

Yes, a secret. At the end, you get to know a secret. So, wait till the end.

Let’s underlines the specificity in life . Firstly, just have a thought once!

Now, I clear your thought and give you an exact perspective which you need to think.

First, let’s talk about wishes. In our day to day life, we always wish something where we focus. Let’s explore some wishes with questions that you can ask to yourself.

  • I want to lose my body weight. Question- by how much?
  • I want to buy this brand one day. Question- by which date?
  • I want to travel to this country. Question- by when?
  • I want to do charity someday. Question- by which date?
  • I want to do this adventure. Question – by when?

Do you have answers to these above questions? If not, then it’s not too late now to be specific for your wishes.

Yes, think about it now when you really want to accomplish your wish?

But wait, let me give you some reasons for, why you should be specific for your wishes?

# Reason 1

We always wish for everything but mostly we don’t work for it. Being specific make us realize that we need to work for it too.

# Reason 2

Being specific ,towards our wishes, gives us direction. We have our direction and aware about our destination.

# Reason 3

It makes you productive. By giving yourself specific date, you start working towards it and hence, a transformed productive person you became.

# Reason 4

You’re motivated now. You don’t need to seek motivation from outside, your number gives you motivation enough.

# Reason 5

You know how to do it now. Being specific, you can make your plan to get what you want.

# Reason 6

It makes your life interesting, challenging and its fun. Life bores you but your specific dates will not.

Initially it will not be easy to give yourself a number but once you become brave, no one can stop you.

Now, time to reveal a secret.

So, after you are done with your specific numbers. Your wish has transformed into your goal. Yes, you have a goal now. So just start what you wish for, be specific and voila, you have your goal for your life. And in the end, you live significantly and here is my other work on the importance of live significantly.

Thank you so much for reading.

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